Interview with Tangi Miller Director of “Diva Diaries”

“Diva Diaries”

Produced and directed by Tangi Miller

Having had the pleasure to interview the incredible actress Tangi Miller, in the afternoon, prior to her Black Harvest Film Festival premier at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago, I could not wait to see the movie and I was not disappointed. The cast was exceptional and Tangi Miller’s directorial debut was outstanding.

Diva Diaries is a romantic comedy about a gym owner and her five beautiful friends about their daily struggle dealing with romance, health and life issues. This film is your kind of “I can relate to all the issues as a woman” and brings about an old fashioned stigma; we all love to watch from little plots and twists. A film you can even let your kids watch, no cursing and no sex scenes. This film is an exceptional directorial debut for Tangi Miller and I highly recommend it, but you will need your tissues handy.

Born and raised in Miami Florida, Tangi comes from a large family and her mom was the instrumental guidance and influence to encourage her interest in performance arts. Her acting career started while attending high school.

In the past 20 years, Tangi has twice been nominated for the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress and nominated as one of TV Guide’s Sexiest Faces and Ebony Magazine’s “One of the Most Beautiful People of the Millennium;” Miller has both starred in and produced many independent films. Best known for her roles in Felicity and Tyler Perry’s film “Madea’s Family Reunion,” she’s had leading roles in the horror comedy “Leprechaun,” “Back 2 The Hood,” the romantic comedy, “Love &Other 4 Letter Words,” “MC Hammer Story,” sci-fi “Drones,” and the romantic drama “My Girlfriend’s Back.”

Tangi Miller has starred in and produced several independent films with her own production company “Olivia Entertainment” such as, “Good Wifey,” ”Hollywood Chaos,” “Fanaddict,” and “Hurricane in A Rose Garden” just to name a few.

Her next projects are already in production and will be a follow-up on “Diva Diaries” and a daytime Diva talk show set in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Interview with Actress Tangi Miller, by Beatrice Davis



Chicago Reader: “Director and star Tangi Miller’s romantic comedy is about a gym owner and her circle of friends and acquaintances, all of whom have their issues, romantic and otherwise.”


Hub Pages: “Diva Diaries is about five beautiful women working, living and loving…in all of their fabulousness and of course, some drama. But not the hair pulling, drink throwing drama we see on TV today. The good ‘old fashion’ plot twists and tension. Diva Diaries is about five ‘Bougie Babes'”, Tangi says with a big laugh.”


Houston Style Magazine: “The successful screening of ‘Diva Diaries’, comes on the heels of Miller winning a Best Diaspora Film award for ‘Boxing Day: A Day After Christmas’, a film which she also produces from the Nollywood & African Film Critics’ Awards, universally known as NAFCA in 2016. Up next for Miller are follow-up television and film projects, ‘Diva Diaries’ and ‘Boxing Day’ and in post-production her latest film ‘Twin Flames’ set in Atlanta, GA.”