Duck lips, Towel Slips
© 2017/TomSquitieri

You had slept in my white, long sleeve teeshirt
and nothing else at all
Your nipples are pushing against the shirt,
Romantic and sensual, they do call    woman-shirt-1

You can see my smile widen
as you pull the chair close and near
My woman has appeared, in all wonderful ways
of that I am positively clear

I get up to get you coffee and my towel is pushed right off,
because of the excitement caused by you
I stand there, frozen in thought and desire and readiness
as I slowly pour the brew   love-beans-caffeine-coffee

You have turned my body into a work of art
for your personal love, pleasure and touch
You give me duck lips to make me smile
and can never take me too much

It just happened one morning, you woke and we found
That the click together was true
and now you move to the bed, on your back, your small panties gone
your eyes say “I must have you”

Bring coffee, please, you say, and then yourself
As you take my towel and hold it
There is no hiding what you had caused
and what soon you will guide in to profit

Don’t forget the French vanilla, you say,
or maybe almond milk as well