2 Body Goodies That Won’t Break the Bank

I need to brag a little bit here—no, not on myself, on two amazing products from Trader Joe’s. If you have ever shopped at this gem of a grocery store, you already know how wonderful it is. For those who have not been fortunate enough to experience the sheer delight that is Trader Joe’s, let me just say that you will love everything in the store—ev-er-y-thing, especially the snacks, and the appetizers, the salads, cheeses, yogurt…I think you get my point. Many of their foods are organic, naturally sourced, environmentally friendly, and yet, still affordable. I realize I have been going on about their food and that’s not what this is about; however, I had to find a way to impart to you the fantastic qualities and uniqueness of the store itself, so I can share with you the two skincare products I purchased there a few weeks ago— Refresh Citrus Body Wash and Coconut Body Butter. You are going to love them!

In an effort to be fully transparent, I must tell you that I am extremely cheap thrifty, but I’m also into the whole “natural” thing—as in free from parabens, sulfates, and other cheap chemicals that do nothing but dry your skin out, which I have never understood, let’s dry your skin out and tell you we’re moisturizing it—anyway, as you well know, sulfate-free, paraben-free, etc.-free, products are usually not on the side of our pocketbooks; however, I have found two products that fit both criteria—yucky stuff-free and inexpensive—YES!!!


Let’s start with the body wash—Refresh Citrus Body Wash—16 ounces of aroma-therapeutic blended orange blossom and grapefruit bliss with no harsh sulfates and it is not tested on animals—Win!  The aroma is lovely and refreshing, it manages to both cleanse and moisturize your skin, and no need to conserve your use as it’s under three dollars! Yes, you read that right, you’re welcome!


Have you used a body butter before? Chances are you have as they are all over bath stores, I have just been too, uh, thrifty to try it out myself…until now. When I saw how inexpensive the body wash was at TJ’s, I further looked into their Coconut Body Butter that I had seen on occasion. To my surprise and delight, the price tag said $5.99, are you serious?! I immediately turned it over to look at the ingredients—full of good stuff like Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, and other certified organic goodies with no harsh chemicals—again, cruelty-free—another Win! This little tub is 8 ounces of creamy goodness and I couldn’t be happier, or feel more moisturized. It literally is one of the best products I have ever bought, and I am ecstatic that it’s so affordable.


If you do not have a Trader Joe’s near you, I strongly encourage you to find a friend that has one in their vicinity and beg them to send you a care package…you won’t regret it!

Do you have any favorite Trader Joe products? Let me know in the comments.