The other morning my agent from Red Willow Talent sent me a text asking “Can you send a couple of voice-overs of you doing an auctioneer?”

I will admit that I’m a very stubborn fellow sometimes. As a matter of fact, very stubborn for about 49 years

You don’t have to know who Arthur Ravenel, Jr. is to enjoy this story, but I’ll tell you who he is anyway. He served in the United States Marine Corps ( that’s pronounced “Core” by the way) from 1945 to 1946.

I found myself sitting on a rock under the palm tree feeling the beat of my heart. My reflection shows a quiet smile filled with love and a sense of belonging.

When I haven’t been able to express how I’m feeling, music has always spoken for me. Just watch the Alicia Keys video called Brand New Me. I’m a little bit more personal with small revisions.