A wandering mind carries wonder of what will be, it gives vision and focus to dreams and desires inside the heart

Back in the days of the first Gulf War, I was keeping the U.S. safe at Dyess, AFB in Abilene, TX, by partying and chasing women.

New beginnings we see during the desperations of our weaknesses can inspire wounds of others to heal, we overcome and grow spiritually by moments of sorrow.

When we reach a moment when mistrust and disrespect come into play, this becomes a game changer to all forms of love felt in a relationship or friendship.

You don’t have to know who Arthur Ravenel, Jr. is to enjoy this story, but I’ll tell you who he is anyway. He served in the United States Marine Corps ( that’s pronounced “Core” by the way) from 1945 to 1946.

I found myself sitting on a rock under the palm tree feeling the beat of my heart. My reflection shows a quiet smile filled with love and a sense of belonging.