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BTS On The Road Promo with Johnny Van Zant

Lynyrd Skynyrd’s front man, Johnny Van Zant, talks with Brian T Shirley of BTS on the Road, thanks to Mike Aloia from American Hearts Radio Web TV network and author of the Walk the Turtle column in No Strings Attached-ENews magazine.

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  • Brian T Shirley

    BTS on the Road is 3 years old as of Jan 2017!!! Thanks so much for all the support for you folks!! Shout outs to Mike Aloia and Bruce Shepard from AHR WEB TV Network (See BTS OTR every Sat 8 PM EST), Tamara Cloonan McClure from NSAEN magazine (BTS on the Road also see there), Janice Hermsen from “What’s the Story?” radio show, Anderson Clayton, Meg Scott, Teresa Hall Shirley, Larry Shirley, Andy Barnes, Dennis Aloia, Kris Freeman, Debbie Freeman,Susan Fedor (who designed the logo) all the music artists who contributed music Charlie Wiener, Darryl Rhoades, State Line Mob, Ann M. Wolf, Tara Nichole, Little Big Lions, Anthony Lee, Mark Kashin and the Little Huseys, Steve Brack, Steve Cohen,John Clark, Wayne Faust and sooo many others!! I’ll be shooting more soon as I will be investing in new camera equipment. Here’s the entire playlist for have a great rest of the week!!